Kelechnekoff Fitness

Fitness should be fun!
Kelechnekoff Fitness is all about being extraordinary, which everybody is but not everybody knows it. Try a Twerk Werkz class and discover just how amazing you are.

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Such a great class! I Will be going every Sunday and recommending it to all my friends. I have never felt so confident and sexy in a class before. Thank you Kelechi!!
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I have to give this class five stars (If I could give it ten I would!!). Its so much fun, a great cardio workout to great music. Kelechi is an amazing teacher and her passion is infectious. I wish it could go on for longer!! What I love the most about this class is how empowered you feel, being able to lose your inhibitions completely in a safe and friendly environment. I will definitely be back very soon! :)
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Had so much fun at Kelechi's class! The session I went to was more like an Afrobeats dance session rather than pure twerking, which was actually perfect for me. The choreography was maybe a tiny bit tricky for first-timers, but the atmosphere was really friendly and welcoming and the music was sick so I would definitely go back for more. And with Kelechi's help I'm sure I'd improve pretty quickly, she was really encouraging and despite the fast pace she did make efforts to help people keep up individually as well as regularly asking the class as a group for feedback or check in for breaks etc. Definitely worth a try!