Kelechnekoff Fitness

Fitness should be fun!
Kelechnekoff Fitness is all about being extraordinary, which everybody is but not everybody knows it. Try a Twerk Werkz class and discover just how amazing you are.

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Kelechi is an amazing instructor, she is very personable and easy to build a rapport with. She made me feel extremely comfortable and was very welcoming which helped me get over my nerves. She was brilliant at setting a fun and enthusiastic atmoshpere. I was nervous about not getting the steps for the dance routine but Kelechi was sure to make sure every one got the steps before moving onto the next part of the routine. All in all, this is class was awesome and I will definitely be attending again next week!
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Twerk Werkz with Kelechi was amazing! Super fun, great work out and friendly environment. Love Kelechi's teaching, her authentic style and her passion. So admire her musicality and also all the effort of choreographing the dance moves to relay the lyrics and music whether it be afrobeats or otherwise. Thoroughly enjoyed the class, left feeling so empowered, happy and definitely worked out! This experience is not to be missed, I will definitely be back!
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Kelechi's classes are exhausting but so worth the sweat! All the technique plus energetic, challenging, cool, sexy, fun choreography with an open and supportive class ethos. Brilliant teacher!
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Awesome class, Kelechi is a fantastic dance teacher who encourages and directs a class with enthusiasm and vibrance. It's extremely empowering.