Zumba and Toning

Pure fun & Good Times!! Burn 500-1000 calories in 1 HOUR!

Brixton Tube or Railway Station

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1) It's a great dynamic core workout!

It works your entire torso section! Stronger, defined abs and back! Can you say swimsuit?

2) High calorific expenditure!

Burn 500-1000 calories in 1 HOUR!

3) Easy, non-intimidating learning environment!

You’ll learn how to dance without even realising it.

Everyone can take a class, whether you know how to dance or not!

4) Weight loss!

You’ll drop so many pounds you’ll have to go buy a whole new wardrobe!

5) Positive self-image!

You won’t only look good, you’ll feel good!

6) A sculpted body!

It’s a comprehensive workout. Your entire body will be reshaped from head to toe!

7) Exercise in disguise!

Like I said before, you’ll be having so much fun you won’t even realise your working out. I can’t even count the number of times I get to the end of class and everyone says, “Awww man, it’s over already?! Can’t we do just ONE more!”

Lot's of fun and a great workout. For all levels. 

Just bring your smile and some water. 

All levels and all ages.

St Matthews Estate Tenants Hall

10 St Matthews Road - SW2 1NH


Nearest Station: Brixton Tube or Railway Station

Directions: 5min Walk from Brixton Tube Station


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