Twerk Werkz

Pop, drop and strut your way to greatness

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"Twerk Werkz" is a dance class filled with history and passion. 

In this class, you will learn how to isolate butt cheeks and move your waist in the most fluid way possible. Varying songs will make you werk for your Twerk. 

Toned legs, bum and tum are the only side-effects to this fast paced class. The true benefit is unlocking that inner diva. 

Bring kneepads/long socks and lots of attitude.

Toned legs, lots of endorphin and lots of confidence will be the benefits!

Leggings or shorts are preferable. Knee-pads or long socks great too!

Suitable for all levels. 

Kelechnekoff Fitness

unit 20 Grosvenor Way - E5 9ND


Nearest Station: Clapton


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    Best dance experience together with best trainer ever!!! Kelechi is the most encouraging, powerful and professional teacher I´ve ever had! Highly recommended!
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