Tea & Cheese Tasting

Ever thought of that?

East India DLR

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  • We've all had Cheese and Wine, and maybe beer, but Tea? Really? Well as Emily from Curious London puts it: "Tea and Cheese might well be the worlds best kept secret love story." 

    Join Kyle and Robbyn at Tea Studio for a sensational Tea & Cheese tasting experience. Pick the minds of Kyle and Robbyn as they share their respective expertise over a slate laden with 6 delicious cheeses, each paired with a carefully selected tea. The result? A taste sensation that you'll be talking about for months!

    It really is that good. The Tea cleanses and refreshes the palate whilst intensifying the flavours and sensation of the cheese in the mouth. It's not just flavours that change and develop though, the tea also melts and changes the textures of the cheese, adding an extra gastro sensation!

    'If you like tea, and like cheese - and if you don't, check again that you really are human - please do yourself a favour and go along to one of these sessions. Just the most weirdly fantastic evening, full of surprises (and surprisingly filling...)

    Truly an experience not to be missed!

Urban Space Management

Riverside Building, 55 Trinity Buoy Wharf - E14 0FP


Nearest Station: East India DLR

Directions: Please go to: Tea Studio, 15 Riverside Building, Trinity Buoy Wharf, London E14 0FP From East India, exit onto the road, Nisa Local in-front of you (do not cross the footbridge!). With Nisa Local opposite you, turn left and head to the end of the road, you'll find a small roundabout at the end on your right, ignore this but turn right across the road when you get to the big roundabout. Keeping it on your left head down the slip road following the blue signs for Trinity Buoy Wharf. At the bottom of the slip road turn right, walk past the taxi with the tree sculpture and then turn left. When you get to the gate (big blue Trinity Buoy Wharf sign and a white 'halo' in the air) at the end of Orchard Place, ask the gate guy for directions if he's there. Turn immediately right as you come through the gate, take the first right again and walk all the way to the end then turn left. Walk all the way to the end and you'll see three steps up onto wooden decking. We're at the top of the steps on the right, pot of plants outside....


  • Chinch
    Absolutely fantastic. I never thought of such a combination. Tea actually made the cheese taste better.
  • No image supplier
    Unusual pairing but works extremely well. I learnt about both cheese and tea.
  • No image supplier
    A true foodie adventure - highly recommended!
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