SwingTrain Fitness

Dance yourself fit!

Forest Gate

We wanted to bring the joy, fun and community of Swing Dancing to the gym, helping people get fit through swing dance inspired exercise classes set to electro swing, Charleston, gospel and blues tunes.

Combining fun, easy swing dance inspired moves and energetic swing music into an effective cardio workout, we’ll get your heart pumping and put a smile on your face.

The benefits of a SwingTrain class:

- It’s a highly effective cardio workout burning up to 500 calories per hour
It’s a full-body workout, using legs, arms and core
It develops coordination and recollection through memorable routines
You get fit dancing to the happiest music in the world (but we might be biased)

Just bring a bottle of water and wear something you're happy getting a bit sweaty!

Suitable for all fitness levels - just take it at your own pace.

Durning Hall

Earlham Grove, Forest Gate - E7 9AB


Nearest Station: Forest Gate


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