Refresh Your Mood

Tricks to Refresh Your Mood

Free talk organised by Inner Space, Covent Garden.

Sometimes we wake up in a bad mood. Sometimes something happens and our mood crashes. And sometimes for no reason, moods sneak up on us.

So how do you deal with a bad mood?  Do you eat yourself silly?  Go for retail therapy?  Look for things to fuel the bad mood?  Snap at anyone who gets in your way?

Well, as a lot in life depends on your mood, why not have a bag of tricks to shift and lift your mood.  Because there are always things you can do to shake off a bad mood and get yourself in a good mood.

Join us to discover tricks on how to refresh your mood and keep a good mood all day.

Tips and Techniques to refresh your mood

You just need to bring yourself    

Suitable for all adults

Pirate Castle

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