Paper Cut Workshop

A little introduction into the interesting world of paper cut art


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This workshop is designed as a taster session for anyone who is interested in paper cutting crafts. No previous art training, drawing or knowledge of paper craft is necessary. All materials are included for this workshop.

Paper cutting is an unusual practice, though it has a great history throughout the world. Until the past century paper was a valuable commodity and now its ubiquity leads us to think of it as completely disposable. Paper cutting makes us pay attention to the paper and explore how it can be altered to make something precious. 

As a hobby it's highly portable, inexpensive, and with the right tools (scissors) can even be done with children. You too can learn to draw with a blade!

You'll Learn:

  • How to design a paper cut
  • What materials to use to create a paper cut
  • Basic paper cutting techniques 
  • Proper craft knife handling and safety skills
  • Different types of paper cut crafts
  • An understanding of positive and negative space and how this works 

You'll Take away:

  • A practice sheet (including a digital file to print out at your leisure) for later 
  • A beginner paper cutting project (The Sea Creatures project shown in the picture)
  • A knowledge of how paper cutting is used and made
  • A basic understanding of how to create your own work

Come join!

With enough interest further and more in-depth courses will be offered. 

For more examples of what paper cutting can do, visit my website:

Art4Space Community Arts Centre

Unit 1, 31 Jeffreys Road - SW4 6QU


Nearest Station: Stockwell

Directions: Exit Stockwell Station and turn right. Follow the Clapham Road until you intersect with Jeffreys Road. Turn right again. Art4Space is off a side drive leading to the old maternity hospital. The courtyard area will have signs leading you to the space.


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