Massage Workshop

Learn to give a Full Body Massage

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Body massage is one of the skills we all wish we had, well this is your chance to learn. On this course you will learn how to conduct a consultation and perform a luxurious, full-body massage using professional techniques for the ultimate in relaxation treatments.
Increase your treatment portfolio by learning full body massage course for beginners. By covering the main sections of the body and using different oils for effectiveness, this easy to learn course enables you either enter the world of massage or add skills to those that you currently have.
The massage course also includes how to massage areas of the face. We recommend this course to anyone who wishes accepting the basics of massage.

You will advance your knowledge of full body massaging skills as well as the confidence to go away and give countless more massage. You will suddenly become even more popular with partner, family and friends.
You will learn:
*Benefits of massage
*Classification of massage movements
*Massage sequence
*Massage aftercare
*Massage Oils
*Covering all areas of the body including chest, legs, arms, back, face, hands and feet 
*Understanding how to detect and release a knot 
* Safety Consultations with clients
* Massage Contraindications to Avoid
* Understanding vulnerable Massages Areas of the body 
* Considering different types of massage 
* History of massage
*What not to do when giving a massage 

Queensborough Community Centre

11 Scovell Road - SE1 1PX


Nearest Station: Borough

Directions: SE1 0QQ (sometimes Google maps recognises this postcode better) Next Door to the AGEUK building.


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    very good. learnt lots
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    I wasn't let in, because I was 10min late.. it took me 20min to find this place. Now I can't go to the workshop because the app thinks I attended it already!
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