London Bridge Tour

The London Bridge Ghost Tour

London Bridge

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Journey back in time to London Bridge, the place law abiding citizens dare not visit.

Discover the Bishop of Winchester's "Geese" providing horizontal entertainment in the various stew houses, hear of operations without anaesthetic in the World's oldest operating theatre and the ghosts that linger in England's oldest prison.

Prostitute graveyards, sly grog haunts, bear baiting and cock fighting are just the beginning. Includes a visit to a 17th century pub haunted by a canine ghost.

*Parental discretion advised. Adult content.

Attendees are encouraged to wear comfortable shoes.

Duration:  1.5 hours  Venue: Street tour Terrain: Leisurely 2 km of walking, flat paths Paranormal Activity: Moderate 

Bunch of Grapes Pub

2 St Thomas Street - SE1 9RS


Nearest Station: London Bridge

Directions: Meet outside the Bunch of Grapes pub


  • Dsc 0041
    Excellent walking tour around Southwark. This ghost tour combines history with ghost stories so you actually learn about the area. Would definitely recommend paying to take a friend if you are on unlimited as this was a great tour. Will be booking on another lantern tour soon.
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