Life Drawing - 'Surreal Bodies'

Alternative Contemporary Life Drawing Classes

Haggerston Overland Stn

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 ‘Surreal Bodies' a series of life drawing classes with an alternative approach to what we find inspiring. We will acknowledge a contemporary approach to gender, sexuality, the body and identity. Artist Morris Monroe will work with models and performers (both male and female) to create and present the body in ways to inspire. The Glory's own Jonny Woo stars as our first model.

Morris will be guiding you each week to look at different aspects of life drawing and with the models bringing costume elements there is the chance to expand on areas such as composition, colour and texture as well drawing the human form nude and semi-nude.

The main focus of the class is to develop individual style and personal expression. All abilities are welcome and all materials are supplied.  Be inspired, be creative and express yourself!

Places strictly limited.

Bar doors: 5pm
Life drawing: 7.30pm

Images by artist Julia Hovve

281 Kingsland Road

281 Kingsland Road - E2 8AS


Nearest Station: Haggerston Overland Stn


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