Assassin's Hunt

Sherlock Holmes Mystery Game based Guess Who

Fancy yourself as a detective for the day? Sherlock and Watson need your help.

There's a notorious assassin in town and Sherlock has received news that one of the visiting 24 delegates is a target. Unfortunately the news has come in the form of a coded message and even Sherlock's awesome mind can't complete this one alone. That's where you come in.

This is a treasure hunt style game based on Guess Who. You and your team mates will have clues to follow, riddles to solve and Watson to deal with in order to eliminate the possible targets one by one. Can you deduce the target and save them in time? Only one way to find out. Want in?

Of course you do! thinking bob­ the masterminds behind the game ­are all about bringing people together so you can join a team when you arrive. Or if you have your crime solving partners at the ready grab a team ticket. It's a great way to explore the city, meet new people and we'll hold the finale on a Thames boat giving you a chance to get a well earned drink and find out who won.

Temple Pl

Temple - WC2R 2PH


Nearest Station: Temple

Directions: Outside Temple tube station


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